Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Wed, 28 Jan 2009 10:43:36 PST
Again my 2 cents worth.
The private contractor who designed the ePermit system kept the USA on the same line as the city and State. Which is not to international standards.
APHIS spent 300 hours of contract time to get them to fix the problem so the USA conforms to international standards on the green and yellow label.
Unlike how it was earlier assumed it was not an APHIS problem but a private civilian company who held the contract and the ability to modify the program at a great expense to the US taxpayers.

The last I heard this had been resolved.
As I currently the APHIS OIC in Kingston Jamaica I can probably state that at least me and the staff here can vouch that  APHIS PPQ is aware of the difference between Jamaica NY and the country of Jamaica. 

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