novelties in Southamerican bulb plants

ggroiti .
Tue, 13 Jan 2009 03:35:05 PST
Hello all:

I ´ve been busy this last 8 months developing a plant nursery specialized in
herbaceous plants, including bulbs, but also in publishing, with Alberto
Castillo, some new species and combinations in Iridaceae and Amaryllidaceae
of South America.

Here you can download the pdf files of the papers:

Habranthus correntinus a new species from Argentina:…

Habranthus neumannii a new species from Argentina:…

New combinations in Iridaceae from Brazil and Uruguay:…

Evidence of why Tamia should be included in Calydorea…

An finally a new species of Herbertia from Argentina and Brazil:…

Hope you can download them, if not tell me and i can send the files.

I will try to download pictures of the new species in the wiki page.

Best wishes


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