Norm Kalbfleisch added you as a connection on Plaxo

Laura & Dave
Sat, 17 Jan 2009 21:10:37 PST
This blanket email demonstrates the "cunning" of the hacker.  There are 
a couple of ways to do this, at least.  One is to create a false header 
made to look like it came from Norm, and fooling the system into 
thinking that was the true source.  Another, more sinister way, is to 
have Norm's computer actually generate the messages, which means that 
his computer, and now some of ours probably, is infected with malicious 
programs of some form or another.  I'd recommend everyone make sure that 
your virus software has the latest signature files loaded, then check 
every thing (system files, memory, and everything on any drive).  It 
might take a while, but it's worth it.  In addition to virus software 
(we use F-Prot)) there is a good free program for clearing junk files 
called Ad-Aware.  By the way, I received this same e-mail from several 
different sources.  Lucky me!!  Do hackers make good mulch?

I'd rather be gardening
  Dave Brastow

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