Iris unguicularis

Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:36:28 PST
That sounds like a low count to me, Jim.  I guess it depends on your clump 
size, but mine produce  between 80- 100 or more in a season.
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> Has anyone seen data which gives the number of blooms produced by a clump
> (technical term, right?) of Iris unguicularis during its blooming season?
> I have not counted mine yet, but last year it must have produced at least
> two dozen flowers spread out over a period of a bit more than four months.
> I was not keeping track of this earlier, but on the basis of what I 
> remember
> my plant has so produced about twelve flowers since it started in 
> November.
> It keeps pumping out the flowers!
> Its relative Iris lazica, which enjoys a cushier life in the protected 
> cold
> frame, has yet to bloom here (ever).
> Jim McKenney
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