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If you can get it to work (sometimes problematic in itself) go to "google 
books and try Thad Howards 'Bulbs for Warm Climates'. I'll try to give you a 
link--we shall see if it works:

go to right lower side and type in species. Sometimes it will let you link 
directly to a book--other times not.


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> Thanks to Deborah for her information. One problem an editor runs
> into is exemplified in her comments: People in a certain region
> (state, province) often prefer a name that appears in a local flora
> but is not accepted in the wider literature. This is particularly
> devilish when we turn to the Rocky Mountain area, but I think they're
> sorting it out now.
> As for whether it is Zephyranthes atamasca or atamasco, it is
> apparently controversial and I'm including both spellings in the
> index. I get both versions from writers in the area where it grows.
> The IPNI site recommended by Luc comes up quite slowly for me, and
> it's disappointing to wait and wait, and then find out the item
> searched is not on the site. I have discovered some really good
> resources in the process of this fact checking, though, such as
> LegumeWeb, a fast site with great information on the Fabaceae. The
> U.S. government site ITIS also is pretty fast, though a work in
> progress, and efloras.com is often helpful.
> Jane McGary
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