skunk lily, chocolate lily, castor seed

Maria Standard
Fri, 09 Jan 2009 22:12:12 PST
I am in search of skunk lily, chocolate lily, and castor seed plants, or
bulbs, seeds will work not sure if its a bulb or not. Have heard that they
can be used to get rid of moles and I have a huge problem. It was in my yard
and we treated it with chemicals and they moved on, right into my rhubarb
garden. Its a huge plot. They did so poorly this year becuase of that. I had
no idea either until I came out to pick the ruhbarb was away all summer. I
do not want to chemically treat the moles around the rhubarb as I don't want
to kill them and I also eat the rhubarb. A location to buy, or a exchange,
or a donation will help. Just subscribed to the list so I'm not sure how
that works so if you could send comments to the list and to me directly via
e-mail that would be great. E-mail is


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