Importing Bulbs and Seeds
Sun, 25 Jan 2009 18:57:50 PST
Yes, look at Hawaii - their native plants are endangered because of all the foreign plant material, reptiles, birds, fish?and animals?that have com into the state illegally.? On every flight you have to listen to the informational video and sign a form saying that you are not bringing any plant material or critters in - and then it is difficult to bring anything out unless you make the trip to the Ag Inspection Station and have everything sprayed and inspected, boxed and sealed.
In Arizona we are trying to rid the desert of the dread buffelgrass.? It is a menace.?
I am sure there are many reasons to want to inspect what is coming in to the country.? It may be a pain to fill out paperwork but I am all for it if it means keeping noxious plants out.? KUDZU!

A few years ago I added citrus to my plant interests, and that really opened my 
eyes to importation problems.? Citrus greening and canker has almost wiped out 
the citrus industry, and you can no longer buy trees from Florida, parts of 
Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, etc.? The insect vector for greening was not 
known in this country prior to 1989, and almost certainly came to the US via 
smuggled citrus plants (it is illegal to import citrus to the US).


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