Question on Photography of our flowering bulbs

Pam Braun
Wed, 07 Jan 2009 15:12:43 PST
I don't think there is really anything not ethical about removing a stick in 
the way of getting a good picture. I often remove debris in order to get a 
good shot.  The only thing I would never do is place extra flowers on a 
plant to make it seem more floriferous.  I have seen that lots of times in 
catalogs.  I think the main thing it to show the plant as it actually grows. 
Plants grown in natural settings can also be photographed to show the viewer 
what kind of situation they are best grown. Removing a broken limb or other 
things not vital to the growing situation won't make a difference. When you 
are doing macro photography, you are not showing the background, and you 
want the flower to look its best.  Removing a stick or two or a dead leaf 
can be necessary.  The same goes for lighting.  The use of flash often is 
needed.  As far as photographing a cultivated plant, most photographers use 
some kind of backdrop, so there is no distraction from the background.  That 
makes only good sense.  What you are trying to do is show exactly how the 
plant looks.
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> Hiya,
> My brother has set me up with items needed to take macro pics of any 
> flowers that I will eventually get.
> I was wondering about what everyone things is the ethical limit (if there 
> is one) as to what one has to do to "clean up" the flowers for photos.
> Like for example you have your prize bulb blooming and you go to take a 
> pic and you find dirt or some other unwanted item on a leaf or on the 
> bloom. Should you clean it up before pics? Does the same hold true for in 
> situ bulbs out in the wild? You walk five miles to find a new species of 
> bulb but the flower has a stick over it. Can you move it or should you 
> move it?
> I realize there is no one set rule but I would hate to take lots of pics 
> only to have my hard work discounted because I had moved a stick or clean 
> dirt off of a leaf.
> The standards are most likely different for scientific research and just a 
> pic to look at. I guess I am just trying to figure out the difference 
> between the two. Or if there is any difference at all.
> Justin
> Woodville, TX 8b/9a
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