Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Eugene Zielinski
Tue, 27 Jan 2009 19:11:30 PST
Mr. Aley (and everybody else).
If you are planning to import orchid plants, be sure you have CITES
documentation.  All orchid plants are covered Under CITES I or CITES II.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA

> I have an import permit and I obtain phytosanitary  and CITES
certificates and I send them the same way that anyone in the US would ship
into the USA.
> I am currently in Jamaica and thinking about tropical ginger to bring
back to the States. If I do it will also be  with  with any native orchids
or bromeliads and perhaps a few tubers. I will have a PC issued by the
government, I will personally clean them and box them knowing that
sometimes problems in shipping happen and I will use my green and yellow
label to send them to the Plant Inspection Station where they will be
inspected like anyone else's shipment because in all honesty very few
people actually care who I am in my agency. That's not what they are
inspecting for, and in all honesty  if they do know who I am, they probably
inspect my shipments much more vigorously just to say they found something
and that I of all people should know better.

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