Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Kathleen Sayce
Mon, 26 Jan 2009 07:48:03 PST
Count me in on doing the responsible thing. And thanks for your  
comments on fungi. People forget that cryptic hitchhikers are  
everywhere! I have been asked to send seeds out of the country by  
people who planned to skip the import process. I don't do it.

I live in a beautiful corner of the world, yet still a corner that  
deals with noxious weeds, many introduced accidentally, in upland and  
aquatic areas. I love to garden, but when I bring a new plant in, I  
have to ask myself: What if this one becomes the next gorse  
infestation? Or spartina? Or curly pondweed? Or a carnivorous  
earthworm that will eat the native earthworms. It's just not worth  
the risk.

Let's set a trend and be responsible, and share seeds legally.

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