I would like to have one of these...

Justin Smith oothal@hotmail.com
Sun, 11 Jan 2009 20:24:13 PST
Yes I have seen that seller before also. I like to see what he has. Though most of what he sells goes for a high price, most of his things can be found at other places cheaper. If one is willing to look and/or settle for seed instead. One reason EBAY works is because people get in a hurry don't want to take the time to look else where.  
Though I hate seeing things like that sell for a lot of money I am not a socialist so I can't say it is wrong either. A least I can afford seed!! 
Woodville, TX  8b/9a
> > I was a little shocked to see a three year "Rare Brunsvigia grandiflora - Stunning Candelabra Lily"? sell for $71.00 on eBay today.? I would like to have one of these but this one seemed a little pricey!> > Celeste> Phoenix, AZ> 60 degrees and fair at 8:03pm> 
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