Tropaeolum pentaphyllum

Alberto Castillo
Sat, 03 Jan 2009 04:23:27 PST
Hi Leo:
          Sounds like with your conditions and only minor adjustments, you can grow this glorious vine as a long lived perennial. If you water it in winter while it is active, then your natural rainfall will do the rest to avoid the fleshy, juicy tubers shrivel to nothing while dormant in summer. If I did not mention this, its natural soil in the ground is a rich alkaline somewhat clayey loam, perhaps a big bag of good commercial compost in the planting hole can do the trick. Good Luck. This is among the best of all species in the genus.
"We don't have hot dry Cape summers--60% of our> 250mm / 8 inches average rain falls between July and September. But we are> hotter than the Cape". 
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