Naive ignorance and importation

Kathy Stokmanis
Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:31:59 PST
I lurk most of the time but this discussion (altercation?) has reminded me of my own path to knowledge.  Years ago I resisted and resented policies that restricted my ability to transport or obtain plants.  Moving to California exacerbated the problem, since there are additional restrictions here.  However, news reports, discussions such as this and an internal shift in values has helped me understand the problems inherent in unregulated distribution of plant material.  I still believe that eventually everything is going to be everywhere, given this global society, and the impact that will have upon the world may be very negative. but I don't want to be known as the person who imported some nasty into the current ecosystem I live in.  Sometimes I need to be reminded of why I'm very careful about private trades and this discussion has served that purpose.

Thanks to everyone who takes this seriously on all sides of the issue, because your passion and knowledge really helps those of us who have been naively ignorant but well-meaning.

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