Email from Westonbirt Plants ???

Maria Standard
Sun, 11 Jan 2009 16:26:19 PST
I am a previous employee of Microsoft, and I was an engineer for them
working on the XP operating system preforming technical support for
customers that called in for support. My job was to search the "internal"
knowledge base and find answers to there problems, that was a horrible
search engine and required extream skills in using. They had a whole class
on how to use it. If we couldn't find the answers on there we had to use the
internet to find others who had had the problem and what they did about it,
so I learned how to get all over the internet and find info. So with all my
searching skills I looked around for your information needed about that
e-mail. There is nothing I could find about it being danagours and there
being a known problem. So I would imigan its just a normal e-mail that
somehow one of your companies that you do buy flowers from sold off your
information and they got it. Or they just missed spelled someone's e-mail
that is close to yours and you ended up with the email. Now if it where me I
would read the e-mail, but NOT open the attachments. Those can be blocked
html pictures coming thru to advertise there company logo. I would not send
them information, or respond to the email just in case its a fishing scam.
If your really curios about what the attachments are, go to a libray and
view the e-mail there. They will have a hardware firewall, a computer based
firewall, and they would run up to date virus scans and adware scans. They
won't have any problem if something happens. Worse that will happen is they
have to reinstall the system which is nothing becuase the libray will have
imiaged drives to just swap it out and its up and running. Now I wouldn't
tell them you where going to do that, becuase they will just say no, please
don't, but really, its not a big deal to the network admin the desk libray
workers just don't know, by the way I am a network admin as well. If it
turns out to be something weird just let them know you didn't know what it
was which is the truth. So if you want let me know and I will let you know.
If you like you can evey send it to me, I have a blank system right now that
I"m running so if something happens its no big deal.

Have a great day.

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 11:25 PM, Laura & Dave <> wrote:

> I just received an email from Westonbirt Plants, starting off "Dear
> Customers".  However, I've never heard of them before, and being the
> cautious type, declined to open the attachments; rather, I Googled their
> website, which has "new" listings from Autumn 2007.  Does anyone know if
> this nursery is still in business and just out of date, or is this some
> sort of malicious internet fishing/virus scam?  I have no idea how they
> got my email address.  Has anyone else received this?
> Thanks
>  Dave Brastow - Tumwater, Washington
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