[BULBS-L] Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Ellen Hornig hornig@earthlink.net
Sun, 25 Jan 2009 17:39:38 PST
Well, Bill, maybe you'd like to confirm (or refute) what my ag inspector 
told me: that so many APHIS inspectors have been assigned to other chores in 
Homeland Security that perhaps 5% of the shipments duly sent to them, under 
permits, actually get inspected.  If this is true, the whole system is 
operating essentially by trying to create an atmosphere of fear rather than 
doing the job it purports to do.

I'm not trying to engage in mudslinging, but I would love to see some solid 
numbers on what percentage of legal shipments actually gets inspected. ????


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> Some people believe that smuggling is like drug use. you start small and 
> it can sometime lead one to take more risks as you become comfortable that 
> you've beaten the odds of getting caught. Perhaps you'd like to tell me 
> more about how easy it is to get past the system.
> You can email me directly:
> william.d.aley@aphis.usda.gov
> I can discuss what civil regulations you might be interested in and the 
> penalties that can be levied against you when caught.
> Bill
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