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Does anyone have sources to purchase these Namibian bulbs?
Phoenix, AZ

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 Anyone have luck getting laticoma to bloom?"

i Jim:
        Nerine laticoma along with several other species flower regularly here. 
e can grow citrus of several kinds that produce abundant crops provided they 
re protected from southern (cold) winds. This to give an idea of the conditions 
e enjoy. Say zone 9 in winter and zone 10 in spring/summer/autumn. 

        N. laticoma bulbs are in gallon (4 litres) black plastic pots. The mix 
s gritty and we do not repot for several years. In winter they receive 
ccasional rains and the foliage disappear completely then. As for frost, there 
re many slight frosts (down to -3 C) but day temperatures are mostly above 10 

        This species do not seem to be fussy about desert conditions. It 
lowers in the big late summer flush along with krigei, undulata, huttoniae, 
ilifolia, filamentosa, angulata, masoniorum, bowdenii, etc.

est regards
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