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Wed, 28 Jan 2009 10:00:52 PST
Well, I'm getting my seed orders in before you all fix it so that the only 
thing we can buy anymore is Bachelor Buttons and Cosmos.
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> Dear Members of the PBS list:
> I mostly lurk, but I'm going to add to this discussion
> for a reason:  I value this list because I value other people's
> opinions and experiences, precisely because they are different from
> mine.  If I didn't value other people's different opinions, the
> only reason to belong would be to brag about how well I do with my
> plants.  Well, I'm not perfect, and amazingly enough, I don't
> expect other people to be either.  When the "discussion" gets
> to the point that members start writing of not posting anymore,
> it has gone too far.  We all lose.
> Mary Sue and company do a lot of work, and their thank you
> is the continuation of the result of their work, which is the
> PBS list.  Well, they do get thanked once in a while, but not
> as much as they deserve.  And, yes, I'm guilty of that too.
> That said, do I have opinions?  Of course.  Prohibition
> doesn't work, whether it is alcohol, drugs like marijuana, guns,
> or even plants.  It does slow down the spread of such things,
> and sometimes gives government agencies time enough to work out
> a strategy of response.  Whether or not the price you pay for
> government action is more than the cost of no government action
> may be open to different opinions.  William Aley has given an
> insider's view of how the system works.  I don't like the system,
> think it needs many changes, but, I'm not involved in the day-to-day
> operations of the system, and he is.  Complaining to the PBS
> list, or to him, is almost certainly less effective than expressing
> your opinion to your congressman or senator.  Hint, hint.
> You might also keep in mind that the PBS list doesn't just
> serve one country, it goes around the world, and so does what you say.
> As Mr Aley has already mentioned, what you post will be seen by
> anyone searching similar topics--I've already been referred to
> comments I've previously posted while searching for information on
> various things.  It can be a little scary.
> So, please, keep having "differences of opinion", but
> express them in a way that adds to understanding, not causing
> people to feel they need to defend themselves.  If you do things
> differently, see things differently than I do or see them, my
> way may be better, or it may not.  I can learn from the way you
> do things, the way you see things.  Perhaps the reverse is true.
> Ken
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