[BULBS-L] Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Deborah Jordan djordan68@comcast.net
Sun, 25 Jan 2009 16:53:27 PST
I really doubt that Mark--I highly suspect they have much more important 
matters to deal with than people exchanging a few seeds and bulbs. Perhaps 
you should put things into a more "global" perspective.

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>>I'm glad I live near the Port of Houston for receiving mail from overseas
>>and that its one of the primary destinations for massive amounts of 
>>and outgoing international mail. They are so overwhelmed, they just run 
>>dogs along long conveyor belts and unless they hit on drugs or explosives,
>>its good to go (A good friend of mine works there).
> Sure. Tweak their noses on a public forum and you might one day find 
> agents with gold badges, warrents and guns at your door and that of your 
> complicit friend.  This is nothing to be proud of and puts at risk the 
> priveleges of those of us who work within the system.  Very foolish.
> Mark Mazer
> Hertford, North Carolina
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