NARGS Western Winter Study Meeting

Jane McGary
Tue, 13 Jan 2009 14:48:14 PST
Mary Sue wrote:

>Jane didn't mention that another member of our list, Carlo A. Balistrieri,
>is going to speak at this meeting and that a number of other members of our
>list have gardens that will be open for participants to visit. Is there any
>possibility that a short meeting of Pacific Bulb Society list/group members
>could be included some time informally so some of us could have a chance to
>associate names with faces?

Yes, I forgot Carlo is on the PBS list too. He will be giving two 
talks, one on garden design with stonework and another on plants 
useful in small gardens. He often presents programs in the eastern 
part of the country but this will be our first opportunity to hear 
him on the west coast.

As for a meeting, we have two social periods with no-host bar 
scheduled in the times between the end of afternoon activities and 
the beginning of dinner Friday and Saturday, and perhaps we could 
post a notice by the registration table that PBS members can get 
together then.

I just donated a pot of a fair number of bulbs of Galanthus 
reginae-olgae to the silent auction, so if you're coming, bring cash! 
We have arranged, after extreme difficulty, for Canadians to obtain 
phytosanitary certificates, but the inspector won't do it until 
Monday morning. He has been the dark cloud over this whole endeavor.

Best wishes,
Jane McGary

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