Email from Westonbirt Plants ???

Laura & Dave
Mon, 12 Jan 2009 11:32:07 PST
Hello and thanks for all the replies regarding Westorbirt Plants.  
Showing once again the great value and reach of the PBS list, I just 
received this very cordial and informative note.

(I was) forwarded your message re; Westonbirt Plants on the PBS 
discussion list. This is our family business and is the latest list. Due 
to technical difficulties the web site has not been updated and will 
probably be replaced when time permits. I would need to speak to my 
brother about how you were emailed but usually it's a case of people 
contacting him and asking for a catalogue or list to be sent to 
friends/contacts. I can get him to remove you from any mailing lists but 
can I recommend the Autumn list - its one of the few that comes close to 
offering any competition to Paul Christian and in many genera totally 
out eclipses him.

Kind regards
Tony Dickerson

So, that clears that up.  No more than normal precautions appear to be 
needed regarding the email and its attachments.  So, if anyone would 
like to have the information forwarded, please contact me OFF LIST.

  Dave Brastow

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