Macadamia nuts

John Grimshaw
Sun, 04 Jan 2009 21:34:51 PST
As Celeste says, cracking Macadamia nuts is a tedious business. When I lived 
in Tanzania kind neighbours gave me a bag-full and I spent an afternoon 
cracking them with a hammer against the steps. Having eventually garnered a 
harvest of fragmentary nuts I thought they'd be better for a quick toast in 
the oven, so popped them in -  and cremated the lot in about 2 minutes! Very 

From the botanical viewpoint I always think it's interesting that they are 
are one of very few edible members of the Proteaceae - I like biodiversity 
in my diet!

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> Macadamia nuts are outrageously expensive because it is so hard to open 
> the shells without smashing the nuts to oblivion.

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