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Mon, 26 Jan 2009 16:26:46 PST
Hi again Jane,

Just checked the first of the taxa you listed (Zephyrantes atamasca) 
and discovered it is an invalid name. Right spelling and author is:

Zephyranthes atamasco (L.) Herb. -- App. [Bot. Reg.] 36. 1821 - 
orginaly described as Amaryllis atamasco L. Sp. Pl. 1: 292. 1753 [1 May 

I believe that from there you can work out all other taxa.


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Dear Jane,

The right site to check those names is: http://www.ipni.org/

You will find all valid names with references to original authors and
publications and often synonymies if a recent treatment of the taxa is

Hope this help,

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