ripening Scadoxus puniceus 'natalensis' fruit

Adam Fikso
Thu, 09 Jul 2009 15:09:33 PDT
The entire  title of the Portieux catalog is:

Societe anonyme des verreries reunies de Vallerysthal  (Moselle) et Portieux 
(Vosges).  Societe anonyme  --etc. translates as:   Stock company of the 
reunited glass factories of Vallerysthal (at  Moselle) and Portieux (at 
Etablissment de Portieux  Collection des dessins des principaux articles en 
verre.  Art Deco--i.e., Collection of the designs of the principal articles 
in glass.  Art Deco 1933

 Publ:  Editions Collections Livres, Brussels, Belgium.  Sorry, my computer 
does not type with French accent marks.  And adding them is a bit of a 

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I find the fruit of this bloom almost as beautiful as the flower. First two 
links are shots of the fruit ... third is a shot from last March of the 

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