Unintended Oxalis insult

lou jost loujost@yahoo.com
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 19:29:34 PDT
Hi all,
  Sorry to wrongly insult the genus Oxalis, that was not my intention! I was only trying to point out that some plants are very difficult to control, even if we started with only a few individuals of them. I used that weedy oxalis as an example because I thought most of us (especially those who grow orchids) would have experience with its reproductive potential and its stealth and tenacity. I did not suggest banning the whole genus. 
Sorry again! Many Ecuadorian oxalis are favorite plants of mine. In fact I think I may have rediscovered Oxalis ecuadorense...anyone know this plant, or have a botanical drawing of it? The type was destroyed in Berlin so I am unsure of my ID. 


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