Adding info to the Wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 21 Jul 2009 20:47:51 PDT

Anyone who is a member of this list can contribute to the wiki. You do not 
need to be a member of the Pacific Bulb Society to help out. You can 
contribute pictures or information. I know a lot of you prefer to put your 
pictures on your own web site, but if you see that we have a species that 
isn't pictured on the wiki and you grow it and have a picture of it on your 
website, consider adding it to the wiki as well.

You will need to contact me privately for information about how to 
participate. We do have limits on how many pixels and kbs. your pictures 
can be and rules about how to name your file as well if you have photos to 
add. And although the general rule with a wiki is that everyone can 
participate which makes for a creative and interesting result, we think it 
looks better if the formatting and the organization follows a certain form 
so there is some consistency. So if you want to do something dramatically 
different please ask the administrators first.

As Mike says there are lots of instructions about how to contribute to the 
wiki. I did my best to explain how to do most of what any of you might want 
to do. We encourage people to preview what they do and try to figure out 
how to do the formatting. There are Gui buttons that are very helpful with 
that. You just highlight the word(s) you want to be in bold or italics and 
click on the button and the formatting is added for you. And if you still 
can't figure out how to make it look, we wiki administrators do look things 
over and make corrections. You can ask for help from one of us (Nhu, David 
Pilling, or me).

So many people have wanted more information about cultivation. In some 
cases information is on the genus pages and we'd like to see more of that. 
I'm very grateful to Mike Mace for taking my suggestions and information I 
saved and adding some ideas of his own and getting it all on the wiki. At 
some point I ran out of time to keep adding to my list of suggestions for 
specific genera and there is a lot more great information to be found in 
the archives.

Consider adopting a genus and searching the archives to find out all you 
can and then adding that information to that wiki genus page. We'd like to 
see the how to grow from seed specific information for each genus removed 
from the main page Mike made once it is added to the genus page, but with a 
link so it can still be found.

And if you want to write about how you cultivate bulbs, we encourage you to 
create a wiki page for yourself and add that information to your page and 
then add a link to the main how to page. Some of us can help you with how 
to link, but you'll need to do your own text.

Mary Sue

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