Growing seed

Paul Licht
Mon, 20 Jul 2009 11:30:36 PDT
It isn't clear how we can add data to the wonderful compilation of tips 

A new entry would be Pycella ignea (a wonderful S. American bulb). I did 
some test using warm, cold, light and dark. The best method I found was 
to float the shiny flat black seed on water in the refrigerator for 
10-14 days. Then warm up and wait a day or two for radicles to form and 
then plant on surface. I don't think Dark vs Light matters much, but the 
cold pretreatment makes an enormous difference.

Calostemma purpurea did well when planted outside in late fall, early 
winter (in Bay area without frost)

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Univ. California Botanical Garden
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