Pacific BX 209 - Asclepiad ??

James Waddick
Sun, 19 Jul 2009 08:54:25 PDT
Dear Roy Herold,
	Once again you have piqued my interest. You often donate some 
of the most interesting items!

>	The latest from the BX 209:  32. Asclepiad vine De Rust, 
>bright red flowers, scrambles over shrubs.
>Sorry if it's not a geophyte...

	I am not an expert on the Asclepiadaceae, but I do know there 
are some quite variable plants there from shrubs to vines to 
succulents and some with dazzling colors, but this combo of vine and 
bright red flowers keeps me guessing.

	Do you have kind of ID?	tender? 	Succulent?	Give 
me some hints or a picture somewhere.

		Thanks		Jim W.
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