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patty allen
Sun, 12 Jul 2009 09:09:45 PDT
HI all, 
There was a write-up in the Houston Chronicle and sister newspaper in San Antonio a few weeks ago touting the neomarica clan, "regina", the giant Walking iris, neomarica longifolia ( Trimezia Martinensis)and neomarica gracilis.
There was a great interest from the public, seerms as if they are among the "uncommon plants"
Patty Allen

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>Dear Friends,
>	It is rare to see a news article on uncommon plants, but the 
>San Francisco Chronicle gives a brief spotlight on Neomarica and less 
>on Iris.
>	See:
>	Always nice to see someone spreading 'the word'. 
>	Enjoy		Jim W.
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