Let the Lycoris begin....

kellso@irvincentral.com kellso@irvincentral.com
Wed, 22 Jul 2009 07:49:10 PDT
All thanks to JW, I got off my duff Monday after receiving his Lycoris  
report, I went out to my Lycoris beds to rake and hoe weeds which I  
had killed several weeks previously, I fertilized them, and I reworked  
the mulch to loosen and even out. Yesterday, we received an  
inch-and-a-half of rain after a few weeks of no rain at all.

This morning, while using my laptop on the couch, I looked out the  
back window to notice one of my sprinklers was malfunctioning, so I  
ran out in my pajamas, whizzing by the Lycoris beds. Lo and behold!  
One lone Lycoris sanguinea flower stalk is 4" out of the ground. So,  
although I grudgingly acted upon JW's "warning", all thanks go to him  
for perfect timing.

Quoting James Waddick <jwaddick@kc.rr.com>:

> Dear friends,
> 	While having a cuppa this morning and surveying the grounds
> (HA!), we saw a bit of orange where nothing had been showing. A
> closer inspection revealed the 3rd flower on Lycoris sanguinea
> kiusiana.

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