Plants in bloom
Sat, 18 Jul 2009 06:28:54 PDT
My thanks to Mark McDonough for bringing my attention to a level lower 
than the Lilium: yes, there are alliums!  In my defense I can say that 
they weren't quite in bloom then.  They include some forms of A. 
nutans, fine but not spectacular (the variegated one not being blooming 
size yet); a good white A. cernuum and rather too many reddish-purple 
ones; what is meant to be A. texanum, from the Allium Seed Exchange -- 
it has white flowers, all right, but the leaves are plain green; any A. 
sphaerocephalum that has escaped elimination (though I may become more 
permissive in more unkempt areas); lots of A. flavum (including ssp. 
tauricum if it ever gets to flowering); and a mystery one from Denver 
Bot. Gard. seed that is not A. gooddingi, which is only now opening its 
heads of pink flowers.  I humbly agree that I could well stand to have 
many more.
There are also Alstroemeria haemantha and Oxalis rubra, if they are to 
be included among the geophytes.

Jim Jones
Lexington, MA; Home of liberty and of Mark McDonough

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