Cyrtanthus herrei

Rachel Saunders
Wed, 22 Jul 2009 00:42:00 PDT
We collected seeds of Cyrtanthus herrei about a month ago, and although I 
haven't tried to grow the plant, I can give you some idea of where it grows. 
We found the plants on south facing (in the southern hemisphere this is 
obviously the cold side) cliffs and rocks in the Richtersveld, and the slope 
gets morning sun in summer only. But remember that this area is extremely 
hot and arid, and usually gets winter rain only (occasionally a summer 
thunder storm). In summer the temperature can go up to 40C or more, so the 
plants would bake in full sun and presumably that is why they are in shade.
They are evergreen and I would suggest giving it some water in summer.
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I just potted up a few loose bulblets from around my Cyrtanthus herrei which 
had been uprooted by an animal (probably a skunk) which had been digging 
near the bulbs. Each had a single root attached, which I left in place and 
appear otherwise healthy. The main bulb has never bloomed for me ... perhaps 
because the spot its in has grown somewhat shady. They seem to remain 
everygreen for me here in San Diego. Should these be in full sun? and should 
I be giving periodic H2O through the summer? I understand these are from 
Southern Namibia/Northern Cape province of SA., but it is not described in 
the 'Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs'. Any advice would be appreciated.

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