Cybister longifolia ... not Cybistetes longifolia

Hans-Werner Hammen
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 16:51:51 PDT
Hi Ken;


Unfortunately I could not retrieve neither your query nor them feedbacks, respectively, among the messages from the PBS.

Thus, please do not mind that I answer but right NOW, and, IF the correct answer to your query has actually, already, been given in one of the responses, respectively.


The Hippeastrum in question is a famous, old hybrid, a "heirloom", namely a crossbreeding result between H.aulicum v.stenopetalum and H.traubii f.doraniae, and its name is "San Antonio Rose".…


Sincere greetings from Germany,



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> Subject: [pbs] Cybister longifolia ... not Cybistetes longifolia
> Thanks to all who responded to my previous query.  Definitely NOT a Cybistetes.  Here is a link to a shot of the bloom which just opened today:
> Ken
> San Diego, 
> z10-11 

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