Crinum americanum

Jay Yourch
Sun, 26 Jul 2009 19:24:47 PDT
Hi Jim,

I used to grow Crinum americanum in a garden pond at my previous house, where it 
flowered every year.  When I moved here I brought the container of C. americanum with 
me and planted them in the wettest spot I could find in the garden.  They grew fine, 
survived the winters, and multiplied too, but never flowered, not wet enough, so I 
dug them out and gave them to a friend with a pond.  I can successfully grow and 
flower its close relative, C. erubescens, in moist soil, so that's what I grow in its 
place.  C. erubescens gets out of bounds sometimes, but it's not been too badly 
behaved and the extras are easily removed.

Jay Yourch
Raleigh, NC

PS Lycoris squamigera, chinensis, and longituba are making a huge show here this 

Jim Waddick wrote:

Also blooming in a pot is C. americanum.  I am wondering if it might be hardy in the 
ground. Jay Yourch in North Carolina? 

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