Seed source in Australia

Eugene Zielinski
Thu, 23 Jul 2009 18:47:29 PDT
I recently ordered and received seeds from Nindethana and found them very
easy to deal with.  Each packet contains a good amount of seed, too.
Justin -- you may want to take a look at Thysanotus.  There are some images
on the PBS site.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, Georgia

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> Hi Justin,
I've ordered seeds of greenhouse plants from Nindethana a number of 
times over the years and have found it totally straightforward.  
Germination has by and large been satisfactory.
Jim Jones
Lexington, MA

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From: Justin Smith
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Subject: [pbs] Seed source in Australia

Hi all,
I am looking at getting a few seed from Nindethana Seed Service in 
Anyone ever buy from them before?

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