Crinum americanum

Alani Davis
Sun, 26 Jul 2009 10:43:59 PDT
Hi Jim -

Crinum americanum spreads quite prolifically in ideal conditions quickly
forming healthy patches. I keep a couple selections of this species in 7-10
gallon nursery containers lined with plastic and filled with sandy soil
mixes and submerged to the rim in a garden pond. I fertilize the with slow
release pelletized fertilizer made for pond plants and trees. Under these
conditions if I don't reduce or divide the plants every 2-3 years, the
plants themselves with rupture the pots. Care also must be take to make sure
the stolons don't eventually make their way out drain holes. I have not had
much luck growing true native C. americanum in soils that were not extremely
moist or at least occasionally saturated. They will sometimes persist but
don't bloom well or at all. I have had several people insist this is not
true of all C. americanum, but I have never had other experience. C.
erubescens and other American Crinum forms grow happily in garden soils that
more typically wet, but still prefer moister conditions. I use this to help
contain the spread of C. erubescens which I have planted in a naturally
moist spot that is dryer in around it. This patch so far is 12-15 feet
across depending on which way it is measured. Basically if these plants are
happy, they seem to spread quite happily

Alani Davis

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