plant regulation-Trivial-and OT

Linda Foulis
Tue, 28 Jul 2009 11:48:38 PDT
Good one Kenneth,
I never get involved in these discussions even though some of them irk me to my very core, but loved what Kenneth said -

"If the Nature Conservancy is to achieve its' goal, man and his crops will have to be eradicated."

Thank you, I needed the laugh!  I was thinking a cleansing of the herd was long overdue - worldwide!  Oops, I did say that out loud!

And I have to agree on this last comment as well, all of the MG's that I know, well, yes, disappointing.

"One last thought--at least in my area, Master Gardeners--some are good,
but my experience has been that I know far more than they do, and that
is not meant as a brag on my part--I'm disappointed."

Linda Foulis
Red Deer, AB  Canada

Steady rain today, we need it.

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