Jim's moment of glory

Hilary Nightingale hilary@ingascony.com
Mon, 13 Jul 2009 10:09:36 PDT
> When I got home, I celebrated by going out into the garden and  
> gathering up
> as many lily anthers with fresh pollen as I could find. I then  
> smeared the
> lily pollen all over my ordinarily silver gray hair  - this turned  
> my hair a
> brilliant golden tint and gave the skin of my scalp the aura of a  
> gilded
> Apollo. What a hoot! My companions of the evening thought I was crazy.
> You can see the stem here:
> http://jimmckenney.com/longwood_award_for_best_in_…

What a beautiful lily stem - however I was hoping you would also have  
a link to an image of your hair ;)

Hilary Nightingale in sweltering SW France

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