plant regulation-Trivial-and OT

Adam Fikso
Tue, 28 Jul 2009 19:39:05 PDT
Lest I've been misunderstood--I too have not been impressed by master 
gardeners of any stripe. They've never been able to answer any of my 

  I do consider them a possible resource though, and wanted to support 
Tony's idea--gotta start somewhere -- in inaugurating a staged program for 
noticing and alerting to invasiveness in either plants or their pests.  But 
maybe Boy Scouts would be better who were working for a merit badge would be 
more  eager and alert . .  I remember that Bird Study was a really tough one 
to attain.

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> On 28 Jul 2009, at 15:18, Robert Pries wrote:
>> plant societies are appearing to be on the way out if you look at 
>> membership.
>> If their members are not a bit more generous in welcoming the less 
>> informed
>> they can soon be talking to the wall.
> The malaise is much more deeply rooted than that. We live in a society 
> centered
> on immediate gratification and gardening is NOT that. It takes time and 
> and sticktoitiveness to learn the ins and outs of any one branch of
> horticulture, and that's precisely what the younger generation isn't 
> willing to
> supply.
> Modern uninformed types want knowledge and expertise handed to them on a 
> silver
> platter, want to be spoonfed what others only learned by paying close 
> attention
> for decades, but that's not the way you learn to grow plants or arrange a
> garden. You learn those by getting your hands dirty, making lots of 
> mistakes,
> and killing lots of plants in the process.
> Another element in the gradual decline of gardening societies is that
> gardening, as a hobby, has a great deal more competition these days than 
> it did
> when we old fossils were first hatched from pterodactyl eggs. Why go out 
> and
> spray the aphids when you can be self-actualizing in the nearest mall or 
> big
> box store, or finding enlightenment at the foot of your latest guru?
> Even if they go hiking in the mountains, they pay next to no attention to 
> the
> floral beauties they pass.
> The Master Gardener program has been mentioned in passing. Perhaps it's a
> heresy that will lead to me being burnt as part of an enormous 
> horticultural
> auto da fe, but I think that program is a con, a fake, a scam. All it 
> teaches
> is how to look something up in books! Those who emerge from the progam 
> tend to
> think "now I know everything" when in fact they should emerge with a sense 
> of
> how little they know.
> Harumph! Young whipper-snappers!
> -- 
> Rodger Whitlock
> Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
> Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate
> on beautiful Vancouver Island
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