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P. C. Andrews
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 09:10:14 PDT
Hi Jim- I generally try to transplant aloes at the very beginning of their growing season, although I'm not sure if it matters.  I seem to remember A. dichotoma being a winter growing species, but I have large one in the ground in a summer rainfall area (well drained) and it seems to do fine although it still blooms in December/January.  

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> I have some nice, healthy seedlings of Aloe dichotoma coming along nicely 
> in a community pot.  When should I transplant/repot these?  Bulbs 
> transplant best, usually, when they are just about ready to come out of 
> dormancy.  These Aloe plants will be grown dry over winter in the 
> greenhouse, so should I wait until spring before disturbing them?
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