Tigridia in the wet tropics

David Nicholson d.avensis@virgin.net
Mon, 13 Jul 2009 10:49:50 PDT
Dennis Szeszko wrote

<SNIP>Tigridia pavonia needs a dry winter rest to replicate the natural 
conditions that it faces during the dry season in Mexico.............<SNIP>

I have a patch of about 12 corms in my garden. They were purchased about 3 
years ago from a local garden centre so I assume that they were Dutch stock. 
Each year they have given me an excellent show of flowers and always set 

My climate is wet (roughly 950mm per annum), winter and summer (it's pouring 
down with rain as I write this and has been, on and off for the last week 
although the previous week we had wall to wall sun with temperatures 
exceeding 30C), and during our exceptionally cold winter this year they have 
survived temperatures as low as -8C. When I bought them I was advised to 
lift them in autumn and dry them off and re-plant them in late spring. 
Needless to say they have never been lifted. They should be in flower during 
the next 14 days.

Dutch suppliers breed 'em hard!!

David Nicholson
in the County of Devon, South West England.
Zone 9b 

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