Lycoris and Crinum

James Waddick
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 13:54:10 PDT
>Jim, etal:
>Lycoris have started here also in the following order:

Dear Tony and all,
	It seems early for Lycoris to be popping up especially as we 
have had a dry period, but the first round has started with a grand 
display - L chinensis and longituba and some hybrids, L. sprengeri 
and a few named hybrids. We have a storm in the forecast for tomorrow 
and I hope that should bring out another blast of flowers.
	For Anita and others who do not enjoy the range of colors in 
this genus, I urge you to get a few to expand your display. This time 
of year they are extremely welcome additions to the garden and great 
as cut flowers to bring in the house. They last a very long time.

	Crinum are putting on a show this week - 'Super Ellen' has 
its second spike. They seem short this year - I can actually look 
down on them -sort of  - instead of towering overhead, The first 
spike is up on 'Rose Parade' and blooming…
with large wide open bright pink flowers. a beauty.
	Also a 'scabrum' type without a name. This doesn't bloom 
every year and the flowers are more pendant than I really like but 
the so-called milk-and-wine combination is very nice. Also xpowellii 
continue as typical (pink), alba (white) and 'Cecil Houdyshell' ( a 
better typical pink).
	C. americanum as mentioned earlier is still open, too.

	Again if you live in a colder climate and think you cannot 
grow these lush tropical looking plants, look again and try some. 
There only fault is that they do take up some room. 'Super Ellen' can 
get foliage over 6 feet long and same for C. bulbispermum so they do 
need room to spread out.

	Expand your growing horizons.

		Best		Jim W.
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