Crinum oliganthum

Alani Davis
Thu, 02 Jul 2009 11:18:26 PDT
Hi Jim -

Crinum asiaticum is very commonly used in landscaping in this southeastern
US region though mainly where coastal moderation of the climate allows it
the further north along the coast you travel. In many ways it still thrives
where it would typically grow in its natural range along the coast. It is
far from sterile often producing quite a lotof seed but seems to be mostly
pollinated by moths and seems to set more seed when the sphinx moths are at
least more prevalent in mid summer and after.

Crinum oliganthum has been long know by its handle West Indian mini, but
this is its latin name. It is similar to the other American forms in most
ways aside from it rainlily sized statue. It is stoloniferous and makes
short usually single but occasionally 2 flowered scapes.

Alani Davis

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