Hemerocallis Question-- Hemerocallis fragrance, general comment and resource

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Wed, 08 Jul 2009 10:03:22 PDT
The question was raised earlier about fragrance in hemerocallis which 
prompted me to realize that of all my many types, none are fragrant. 
Further thinking about older midwest hybridizers, Hall, Fay, Griesbach, 
Marsh, reminded me that of those people , none had selected for fragrance as 
far as I know.  They concentrated on tetraploidy, bud count (up to 30 +), 
sturdiness (tolerance for 30 mph prevailing prairie winds), colorfast reds 
(little success), and breeding for white.

 Current hybridizing  is of a different order, exemplified by Moldovan and 
others whom I don't know.  http://www.daylilytrader.com/  is instructive here --as 
are the prices which are at times astronomical.  A good place to start for 
information and for browsing is Eclectic Gardens which has an imnpressive 
array of varieties arranged alphabetically and with classificatory 
information on each as to ploidy, height, season, reblooming capability, 
evergreen or winter dormant--and very good color pictures   They do not 
offer the diploid species flava or its synonym: lilioasphodelus. 

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