Cybister longifolia ... not Cybistetes longifolia

Hans-Werner Hammen
Tue, 28 Jul 2009 05:12:51 PDT
Hippeastrum cybister 

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> Hippeastrum cybister is a specie that has recently, within the past few years been used to create narrow petaled hybrids, correct?


The first commercially hybrids with H.cybister parentage were bred by Fred Meyer (depassed in 1999) and these include Emerald, Flamengo, LaPaz, Merengue, Ruby Meyer, Tango.

The cybisters Chico and Reggae were generated by this famous breeder, too, and these are simply outstanding selections of the species amaryllis H.cybister.

The wiki page of species Hippeastrums contains one picture of H.cybister "Reggae"
The flowers are weak in substance, but the deep color is stunning!…

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