plant regulation.

Tony Avent
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 05:55:14 PDT

I think some folks are confusing two differing issues.  Most gardeners 
want a functional inspection system that inspects more plants here in 
the US...not in another country, which is the intent of a phyto.   Most 
of the current pest problems (wooly aldegid aphids) can be traced to an 
unfunctional USDA-Aphis system that only inspects 3% of incoming 
shipments and also makes smuggling preferable.  This is not acceptable 
and many of us have lobbied USDA-Aphis for a better system and more 
inspections.  Second, the worst of our invasive plants were researched 
and introduced intentionally by the US government (kudzu) and then 
planted by the hundreds of thousands.  Our concern at this point is the 
use of a white list screening model to predict invasive potential in 
each ecological region of the country, which is not a scientifically 
viable protocol. 

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Robin Bell wrote:
> I would like to second Lou's very reasonable & balanced comment. As 
> one who has witnessed first hand, in Australia & New Zealand the 
> devastation that introduced plants, animals & fungi have caused, it 
> is only a small acknowledgement of reality to believe that we should 
> be doing more in this area. I don't think it should be viewed as 
> another opportunity to bash the government. Perhaps the new rules 
> aren't the best, but we could work to improve them, anyone who thinks 
> kudzu is a reasonable outcome for allowing in anything at all needs 
> to go look at that mess. There are many others & they are still 
> happening....woolly aldegid anyone?
> 	Robin Bell, Ithaca NY.
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