Worst invasives

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Neil.  A few ducks will make short work of all your slugs.
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> Thats funny, here in Western Sweden ivy (Hedera helix) is quite rare
> and we're pleased to find ivy growing wild. Scotch broom (Cytisus 
> scoparius)
> is more common but nontheless we were pleased when it turned up in our 
> garden
> a few years ago, bird spread I imagine, it's doing well and as it's 
> growing in
> a wild part it can stay. Our problem-invasives are for instance (I'm sure 
> I'll
>> Incidentally, what are the worst invasives in your area?
>> Around here, Scotch
>> broom (Cytisus scoparius) and ivy (Hedera helix) are pretty
>> bad. Broom has been
>> an issue since the 1850s when six of twelve seeds planted at
>> Sooke BC by an
>> homesick early settler from Scotland germinated one spring,
>> but ivy has only
>> begun to cause serious trouble in the last ten years or so.
>> Sure, it was around
>> before then, but you didn't see it taking over the forest
>> floor in parks,
>> clambering up trees, and so on.
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>> Rodger Whitlock
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>> Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate
>> on beautiful Vancouver Island
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