Cyrtanthus herrei

Rhoda and Cameron McMaster
Thu, 23 Jul 2009 10:34:56 PDT
More info on the natural growing conditions of C. herrei:  
They are subjected to heavy mists at times, coming in from the ocean, and their broad spiralling leaves will catch moisture from whatever direction the mist comes; 
also, they grow in the cracks of huge S-facing rocks (the ones I saw), and condensation from the mist will run down the rocks and collect in the cracks; 
their roots are probably quite cool; and they probably like to be crowded in a pot.  
They may be drought -tolerant, but they seem to like lots of moisture at times. Watering from below (immerse the pot half-way in water) is probably the best - but make sure the soil drains very well.  
Napier, SA

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