iris fly?

Adam Fikso
Wed, 10 Jun 2009 09:27:51 PDT
Hello Janos-  I've grown irises for more than 35 years (but in the U.S.) and 
have never seen the insect you describe, nor the kind of damage you show in 
your photo.  It may be something  new to your area or peculiar to that one 
shipment.  I think you are wise to burn the affected leaves.

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Subject: [pbs] iris fly?

> Dear All,
> Today I've found some larvae inside of my iris leaves, they made holes
> inside and between the 2 epidermis. I think it is a kind of fly becouse 
> the
> pupa is like a small brown rice. I have never seen this before, they came
> with new plants from a nursery. The larvae are chewing downwards some of
> them may reached the soil level. It is no use of any insecticides, becouse
> they are not feeding any more. I try to collect the leaves and burn.
> Does anybody know what is this? Did anybody ever saw symptoms like this?
> Many thanks,
> Jan
> Hungary
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