Tender Crinum

Al Sisk al@alsisk.com
Thu, 04 Jun 2009 09:07:26 PDT

I am in Zone 8a/b and grow the Japonicum outside in the garden year round.
My lowest temperatures drop to approx 15F each year.  Temps are under 20F
4-7 times a year. When my Japonicum is hit with frost, I leave the melted
leaves until the next year.  It seems to provide some insulation.

I have had 4 scapes already this year.

You might consider limiting or eliminating nitrogen fertilizer as that can
make leaves more tender.

You might consider lifting the plant then amend the soil to include a 50%
mixture of builder sand and see what happens.

I successfully field grow many crinum hybrids and species without lift any
of them in the winter.

Al Sisk
Zone 8b

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I've had Crinum asiaticum survive in the garden in Raleigh, NC (Zone 7b) for
years, but they would get set back so far each winter that it made for very
slow growth and no flowers.  The only Crinum asiaticum hybrids successful in
my climate also have Crinum bulbispermum in their ancestry, such as 'Twelve
Apostles' and 'Sangria'.



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