iris fly?

J. Agoston
Wed, 10 Jun 2009 13:24:56 PDT
Dear All,

Thank you for the responses! I finally went out to grany's garden, becouse
the irises (Spuria-hybrids, ochroleuca subsp. gigantea, crocea were
infected) were there in the winter and in spring. I made additional pictures
too. And I double checked the leaves, and saw that they were eating the
leaves downwards, but they didn't reached the rhizome.

I've saved all the existing larvae and pupa. I do not know if maggot is the
correct english word for it, but they look like this (
just smaller, and a bit yellowish. Last stage larvae are around 4 mm long
and 1 mm wide. The pupa is 3 mm long and 1 mm wide.

On friday I'm going to the Horticultural University's Entomology Department,
they have a nice series of books on horticultural pests, maybe I can find it
there. I'm 100% sure it is some kind of a fly.

I don't know when will they turn to a fly, but as soon as they do I'll let
you all know and we will look for the ID.

Interestingly other spuria sectio members like I. graminea and I. lactaea,
Iris 'Dardanus', I. cristata, reticulata irises and pogon irises were not

Now I know why exportes have to wash all roots and cut the foliage back...
Unfortunately inside the EU it is not necessary so nobody do that.


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